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Building a Website | The 7 Cheapest Website Builders

Want to create your website but don’t know where to start? Our list of cheap website builders give you a solid starting point.

Creating a website is the very first step of lifting your business off the ground. Moreover, a personal website can be an excellent income-generating asset too.

However, the million-dollar question stands, is it cheap to build your website on your own. Well, this is true. HoboHost offers you the most affordable and advanced features for creating a website on your own.

Most website builders charge a high price to build a website while they offer very few functionalities. They will provide you with add-on domains and unlimited disk spaces, which you do not even need.

In this article, we will review seven of the cheapest website builders. The article will include the descriptions of the various website builders plus their specific prices.

This platform has been providing a website, custom website, and marketing services since 1999. Over the years, has provided individuals and small businesses with customized websites and a place to hire employees.

The platform usually caters to service-oriented businesses such as retailers, contractors, and individuals seeking to create personal websites. has various user interface options that feature more than 150 customized templates.

In addition, the platform is ideal for people who want to sell products online. Since supports the creation of online stores, individuals have a chance of turning their business websites into revenue-generating assets. is offered in three packages, depending on your preferences. These packages are explained below.

Starter; this is for the users who are pretty unfamiliar with creating a website. The package features a simple DIY website builder, a handful of customized layouts, and numerous stock images.

The package comes alongside a free domain whose subscription starts after one year for $37.99 annually for the .com extensions.

Marketing package; small businesses that seek to create new websites and connect with more customers should use this package. It has the starter package features plus a search engine submission and business profiles in different local directories. The free domain’s subscription starts after a year, just like in the starter package.

E-commerce package; this package is specially designed for businesses that seek to open online markets with online payments. Its features include those of the starter and marketing packages.

The e-commerce package also supports credit cards and connects your website to the Facebook marketplace. The free domain renews after a year.


Wix is a renowned website builder that features a simple user interface, ideal for beginners. The platform has two ways of creating a website, either DIY or through an AI-designed Wix ADI. Wix features numerous templates and an incredibly easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.

Sites made through Wix are easy to edit in case you want to change the design. Wix features numerous widgets and additional apps too. One exceptional feature offered by Wix is the ability to use Wix’s Mobile Editor to edit the mobile view without interfering with the website editor.

This platform offers a free plan with a free default domain, particularly for personal websites. You may also opt to upgrade this free package to a premium one at a monthly fee of $5. The premium package has a personal domain and a bit of privacy.

Overly, the other Wix packages are very cheap. The Combo plan is offered at $10/month, an unlimited plan at $14/month, an e-commerce package at $17/month, and a VIP plan for $25. The best thing about Wix is that it has in-built SEO marketing options and tools.

Unfortunately, Wix offers a small bandwidth of 1GB and 500MB storage in the basic plan. In addition, the domain name is paid separately.


Weebly is a famous website builder that has been operating for quite a long time. It has a simple user interface that is easy for everyone to use, regardless of the experience. The platform has an easy-to-master drag-and-drop function, just like most website builders. This feature enables the users to build websites with well-customized themes quickly.

Weebly features video backgrounds, site search, image editor, and a handful of custom fonts. In addition, the platform is integrated with SEO and social media marketing tools. These tools are specially designed for those seeking to build online shops.

The platform also features advanced shipping tools that enable users to send items all over the world. These particular tools offer an excellent inventory-managed portal for integrating product searches, coupons, and customer reviews.

The store’s functionality is also enhanced by the discount codes and abandoned cart emails. Subscribing for a high-end package has the benefits of detailed analytics. Besides, the impressive website builder enables you to customize and send messages to the mailing list.

If you install Weebly from a native app market, you will enjoy extra functionality enhanced by numerous applications that cover social media marketing, management, and others. The in-built search box assists users with quick searches.

The best thing about Weebly is that it is compatible with macOS and Android so that you can operate your site from a mobile device. The mobile application allows users to make on the site when the need arises easily.

Its first package is free, and it features a drag-and-drop builder, 500MB storage, Weebly domain, and Weebly ads. The subscription of this free package starts after a month at $8, then $12, and lastly, a constant monthly subscription of $25.

Zoho Sites

Zoho features numerous strings on its bow, including CRM software, sales platforms, and business intelligence and analytics tools. Its user interface is straightforward for anyone who has no prior knowledge of building a website.

Zoho’s Sections feature helps you add unique elements to your sites, such as exciting templates or multiple designs. Zoho Sites has more than 150 customized templates that greatly assist in reducing the workload associated with building a website.

Its fully customized drag-and-drop mechanism makes the website builder relatively easy to use. This mechanism accommodates different elements like audio, video, and light-box while enabling you to integrate your site with other Zoho apps.

Zoho Sites allows you to publish on your site using a free Zoho subdomain or a personal domain. You can purchase a personal domain through Zoho, and it will be automatically mapped to your Zoho Sites web.

Unlike most website builders, Zoho Sites do not have a mobile app. However, its page editor is easily compatible with a computer but editing the site through a web browser from a phone remains impossible.

The pricing of this cheap website builder starts at a monthly fee of $1, though there is a free trial. The free trial has unlimited slideshows, pages, and galleries though you can opt for a more advanced packed with additional features at $4 per month. The additional features include PayPal integration, password protection, and newsletter subscription.


Jimdo supports the creation of comprehensive online stores and standard websites. The site is frankly friendly, especially to beginners who have zero knowledge of building websites. Its advanced website-building tools include the AI-powered Jimdo Dolphin.

The Dolphin editor assists you in building a tidy personalized website that features an intuitive interface. The editor uses a block editing system to help in adding new sections quickly.

The best thing about Jimdo is that its online stores’ packages have a comprehensive e-commerce features selection. These features include complete mobile management, the creation of flexible discount codes, zero-fee transactions, and a wide range of payment gateways.

The site features a Jimdo Logo Creator to assist you in creating a strong brand. Creating a logo requires you to undertake a short questionnaire to select the design features, color schemes, and fonts. After responding to the questionnaire, the exceptional logo creator will customize a logo, depending on your answers.

Jimdo is available in three packages for websites and three packages for online stores. In addition, it has a free trial that features 500MB storage, 2GB bandwidth, and a few limited specs.

The Start package is offered at a monthly subscription of $9, while the Grow package costs $15. The two have advanced features and more server resources, but the unlimited package is favorable. Offered at $39 per month, the package features the ability to create large stores using professional design analysis, unmetered server resources, and a legal text generator.

Online store packages start at $15 per month. This cheap package allows you to create a small store with 10GB of storage and ten pages. The Business and VIP packages, offered at monthly fees of $19 and $39, respectively, have more server resources and advanced features.


HoboHost is the best cheap web hosting service with built in website builder you can find out there with as low as $1. This web builder provides affordable and reliable web hosting services with cPanel. Its drag and drop feature is pretty easy to create a website with.

With HoboHost, you are guaranteed to set up an online business without financial risk. In addition, you can build a personal website and turn it into an income-generating asset. Besides, the web builder is ideal for students and developers who seek to save on their web hosting activities as it has excellent money-saving plans.

The cheapest package in HoboHost is the Floor package. This package is available at as low as $0.92 per month or $11 per year. The amount is worth 20GB of web traffic, 1GB RAM, 10 MySQL databases, ten email addresses, ten add-on domains, and free SSL certificates. 

The next cheap package is the Bench package. HoboHost offers this package at $2.75 per month or $33 per year. The package features thirty email addresses, thirty MySQL databases, 40GB web traffic, 1GB RAM, thirty add-on domains, and free SSL certificates.

The other cheap HoboHost package is the Box package, available at $4.58 per month or $55 per year. The Box package has all the features of the previous HoboHost packages, plus 60GB of web traffic and unlimited email addresses, domains, and MySQL databases.

The last and most expensive HoboHost package is the Subway package. It is available at $5 per month or $60 per year. The package has all of the Box package features plus 80GB of web traffic.

The best thing about HoboHost is that it is compatible with WordPress at a single click. In addition, it has a Selectable PHP Version with a three-day money-back guarantee and Firewall Protection.


The website builder is excellent for bloggers and content marketers, plus it is pretty user-friendly too. is a counterpart, which you can use to design a personal website and get personal web hosting.

One thing you should understand is that and offer a different experience. focuses on HTML and coding, while the latter is designed for creating websites, especially for beginners.

Despite being highly flexible, WordPress is easy to use and affordable too. The cheapest package pricing starts at a monthly subscription of $4. The premium package is billed yearly at $8 per month, and it features CSS and design tools.

The Business package is offered at a monthly fee of $25, and it has extra features such as themes, custom plugins, 200GB storage, and a live chat. The most expensive WordPress package is the E-commerce package, offered at $45 per month. It allows you to build personal online stores.

In addition, WordPress offers extra pricing options that include Pressable and WordPress VIP. This website builder is much ideal when you are seeking to build a blogging or content marketing website.


Do you know of other cheap ways of building a website? Are they practical? Well, if you were researching how to build a cheap website, then look no further. This article has outlined the most affordable website builders that you can use to create websites for blogging, content marketing, or online stores. Furthermore, you can create a customized cheap website with HoboHost and enjoy much advanced features.