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Cheapest Online Store Hosting – Start Your Online Business

In this new age, many businesses opt to run online. As a result, the E-commerce market has drastically grown over a short period. To run a successful online business, you require a strong web host. Your clients will have a seamless flow when accessing your products online by having a solid web host. Ultimately, your sales are bound to increase. Who does not want this, right?

At HoboHost, we offer some of the best hosting services globally. Furthermore, our packages are entirely secure; hence you do not have to worry about the safety of your data. Additionally, compared to other hosts, we are among the cheapest online store hosting company. That means that whether you are a gamer, student, musician, blogger, or photographer, among other users, HoboHost will do just fine.

Features of HoboHost hosting platform:

cPanel Hosting

cPanel is a widely used Linux-based web hosting control panel. Using this tool gives you the unique ability to manage your website from a central place easily. As a result, cPanel enhances your ability to manage your HoboHost account efficiently. 

Do not worry if you are not very conversant with using cPanel.

The platform does not use a complex structure, so it is easy to learn and understand. Hence, you will not encounter any problem in controlling your e-commerce site. Additionally, you get a simple user interface making things even more accessible. Moreover, based on popular reviews, cPanel is a trusted Linux web host. Many web designers opted to use cPanel, and most of them greatly recommend it. 


You can easily install WordPress; all it takes is a single click! WordPress is a good tool that offers quality storage facilities online. Hobohost gives you the ability to install WordPress with a single click. It only takes some minutes, and you can readily use WordPress. There are several advantages that WordPress brings about. For starters, as an e-commerce site owner, you can benefit by storing bulky files and folders that you use. In addition, the process of adding new stuff is also a one-click activity. 

Moreover, you have a great degree of control over the appearance of your site.

WordPress provides an easy way of editing your website’s theme. In addition, there are numerous layouts that you can choose to consider. Most importantly, deep knowledge of coding is not required. Plus, it also enhances the level of security of your site. 

Firewall Protection

Protection of data begins with installing a firewall. Numerous people pose a threat to data privacy and security, including hackers, crackers, and spammers, among others. 

It is therefore, essential to safeguard sensitive data in your e-commerce platform from such characters. HoboHost uses an improved firewall protection system that prevents any unauthorized users or hackers to access your system. 

The system is advanced and users are always guaranteed of a safe document and data protection.

SSL Certificate

Since your website will be within the HTTPS web address, SSL certificates enhances further protection. The certificate resides in the central servers, and it typically contains the website’s identity and public key. What this means is that, any critical information under a certified SSL is fully protected.

Furthermore, SSL certificates enhance the encryption of communication between devices. Encryption is a means of verifying the identity of the server when devices attempt to communicate. Hence, an ordinary user will not fall into hackers’ tricks to redirect them into communicating with a fake server. Thus, SSL certificates enhance the safety of data transfers using HoboHost. 

Selectable PHP Version

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a versatile platform with numerous computer languages. It is a standard programming language that is easy to develop and use. Compared to other players on the field, PHP loads relatively faster. Thus, your customers will not suffer from slow loading speeds, which improves customer satisfaction. Moreover, since HoboHost’s websites use HTML, PHP enhances its effectiveness and speed, thus seamlessly running your website.


Softaculous is a special web utility that automates the installation of web applications. It has a variety of preset scripts ready for installation. Further, it is capable of automatically backing up data. The storage capability guarantees data safety within the e-commerce site. 

The premium version has approximately 455 scripts, while the free version has 46. In addition, Softaculous is compatible with the cPanel, which is a key component of HoboHost. There is no cost of maintenance because updates download automatically through the CRON in the server. Therefore, Softaculous can be an easy alternative to web development for beginners.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Our cPanel hosting services utilize LiteSpeed WebServer, which serves static content and PHP requests quickly. When serving static content, LiteSpeed goes to speeds that are approximately 900% faster than Apache. On the other hand, it handles PHP requests 50% faster than Apache.

Further, LiteSpeed Web Server uses an event-driven architecture that is second to none. Ultimately, the architecture enhances the functionality of your website

For large websites that serve multiple clients simultaneously, this server comes in handy. It can adequately serve numerous users while using minimal amounts of memory and CPU. As a result, it is a perfect replacement for the previously sought-after Apache.

Litespeed Cache

Litespeed Cache is a plugin that increases the speed of a website. It encompasses both a quality server-level cache and numerous website optimization features. Notably, Litespeed Cache is compatible with most of the popularly used plugins. One such compatible plugin is WordPress the same one used in Hobohost. 

The cached pages are stored and managed by Litespeed servers. However, you should not worry about privacy since LiteSpeed employees do not access the files. Furthermore, the security of your caches should not worry you since they are only stored temporarily. However, you can also easily get rid of them before the pre-determined expiration date reaches. Additionally, there is a possibility to determine the duration that caches are stored. 

HoboHost Web Hosting Packages

HoboHost provides a means to host a low-cost ecommerce website. We provide quality and essential services to your e-commerce site at a low price. No standard cuts across all of our packages. 

Currently, we have four different packages tailored for different clients. Depending on the kind of services desired, a fitting price gets allocated. We charge some of the cheapest online store hosting prices across the internet.

There are typical features that constitute each package. They include:

• Free SSL Certificate

• Storage capacity- More than 20 GB depending on the package

• MySQL Databases- More than 20 depending on the package

• Email addresses- More than 10 depending on the package

• Addon websites/domains- More than 10 depending on the package

• 1-1.5GB RAM

Each package has a unique price depending on the features required. We have tailor-made our packages to fit people with different price ranges and specifications. The packages include:

1.Floor Package

The cheapest package among the bunch is the Floor package. It has a webspace capacity of 4000 MB SSD and handles 10 email addresses. The monthly charges are just $0.92 or $11.00 per year.

2.Bench Package

Most of our clients prefer buying the bench package. With a 6000 MB SSD webspace capacity, this package suits your needs. Moreover, you get to receive 40 GB web traffic and 30 MYSQL Databases to use. Additionally, you get up to 8000 MB SSD! For this utility, you only pay $2.75 per month or $33 annually.

3.Box Package

For only $4.58 per month, you can get this package. It comes with 60 GB web traffic and an unlimited number of MySQL databases, websites and email addresses. There is also a 10,000 MB SSD provision to meet client needs. In addition, you can sign up for 1 year and receive a discount that sees you only pay $55 annually.

4.Subway Package

The biggest package of them all is the Subway package. By purchasing this package, you are guaranteed a blazing fast SSD hosting speed. It comes along with 80 GB web traffic and 10 MySQL Databases, email addresses, and Addon websites. Additionally, you will have a generous 1.5 GB of RAM that will enhance the speed of your site. You can also choose to pay the monthly rate of $5 or an annual rate of $60. 


Our low pricing is in a bid to encourage the prosperity of your online business. However, if you have been using and feel the need to update later, it is a simple task. 

All you have to do is contact us and request a different package. Our client-oriented team will provide you with a statement showing the differences between the current and desired package. Moreover, if you do not find a package that suits your needs, we can always offer you a custom offer. 

Just contact us, and we will provide you with the lowest price e-commerce site. 

To show you surety in service delivery, we have a 3-day money-back guarantee. Hence, if you are not impressed with our services, you can cancel the offer within 3 days and get instant cash refunds. If you need the lowest price ecommerce site, reach out to us as we always have something for everyone.