Tips On Choosing a Domain Name


Our Tips On Choosing a domain name

1. If you want your website to have an added advantage in the search engines, think of a domain name that includes keywords visitors would search for in the main search engines.

2. If you are struggling to find an available domain name. Make a list of all the possible names that would suit your website through out the day. Then try numerous combinations of words to create an available domain name.

3. If possible, keep your domain name short, easy to spell, and easy to remember. Take into account someone who might want to return to your website but cant recall your domain name – you could possibly miss out on those potential customers/visitors.

4. If your much desired domain name is not available, try other abbreviations such as .NET, .BIZ .US,.INFO, .TV. These are not nearly as popular or memorable as .COM, however it may be worth the sacrifice. 

5. How bad do you want it? You can contact domain name holders about purchasing their domain name from them if you must have a domain name that is taken. 


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